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HIV, STD, and Hepatitis C Testing
We offer free and confidential HIV, STD, and Hepatitis C tests at all of our office locations. Our r...
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Free Case Management and Retention Services
Case management services are provided for people living with HIV and AIDS in our coverage area. Refe...
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Free STD Clinics
Our medical clinics are headed by Dr. Jeffrey T. Kirchner, MD. We have two locations: one at 20 Nort
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Condom Distribution
This program allows us to partner with various venues throughout our 12-county service area in order...
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2019 Breakdown

HIV tests
Syphilis tests
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia tests
Hepatitis C tests

Latest Blogs

Nine Benefits to Joining an HIV Support Group
Have you thought about joining an HIV support group or were you a member of one in the past? Consider the benefits of joining: It helps individuals feel they are not aloneIf f...
Employee of the Month for November 2019: Cindy Rupp
Our Employee of the Month for November 2019 is Cindy Rupp! Cindy Rupp is a Case Manager who works to help those living with HIV throughout Northeast and North Central Pennsylvania. Be...
Real Stories from Real People Living with HIV in Northeast & North Central Pennsylvania
In honor of World AIDS Day, we reached out to people living with HIV to get their stories. Here’s what they said: What is the biggest hurdle you’ve overcome since receiving your HIV or A

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