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HIV, STD, and Hepatitis C Testing
We offer free and confidential HIV, STD, and Hepatitis C tests at all of our office locations. Our r...
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Free Case Management and Retention Services
Case management services are provided for people living with HIV and AIDS in our coverage area. Refe...
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Free STD Clinics
Our medical clinics are headed by Dr. Jeffrey T. Kirchner, MD. We have two locations: one at 20 Nort
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Condom Distribution
This program allows us to partner with various venues throughout our 12-county service area in order...
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2019 Breakdown

HIV tests
Syphilis tests
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia tests
Hepatitis C tests

Latest Blogs

A Step Towards a Future Without HIV
From HIV.gov: Almost 40 years ago, cases of pneumonia among previously healthy individuals in Los Angeles, California, marked the first official reporting of what would be later be known...
Employee of the Month for December 2019: Katie Blue
Our final Employee of the Month for 2019 is Katie Blue! Katie began working with Caring Communities at the beginning for November 2019 as our Case Management Administrative Assistant. Pr...
The Link Between Abusive Relationships and PTSD
Can Abusive Relationships Result in PTSD? Yes, the research has shown, that abusive relationships can result in a trauma response. Many of us have heard of the term, PTSD, or post -tr...

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