Community Education

Caring Communities’ mission is to provide a system of comprehensive services to prevent, test and treat HIV, Hepatitis C, STD and other public health disparities while creating educated, stigma-free communities.

To fit this mission, Caring Communities offers various educational presentations to ensure the communities we serve are educated on HIV prevention and stigma. Our sessions are designed to provide staff members in varying medical fields with updates on the current state of affairs regarding how HIV impacts the populations they serve and how current HIV programs are being delivered through Northeast and North Central Pennsylvania.

If you have questions or are interested in any of our educational services listed below, please contact Sharon Whitebread at or call (570) 829-2700, option 3.

HIV 101 for clients covers the basics of HIV. Clients will learn how HIV is transmitted, prevented, and treated.
HIV 201 for staff members focuses on the basics of HIV transmission, prevention, treatment, HIV’s connection to current drug trends, mental health issues, the correctional system, aging populations in your community, and the connection with Hepatitis C.

Certificates of Attendance are provided. There is a fee for this service that must be paid in advance. Please see the flyers below for more information.

Community Education Classes