Contact Us

Please, feel free to contact us any time for any reason, whether it be for assistance, with a question, comment, suggestion, or even a complaint! We will address the issue in the best way that we can. You can reach us in the following convenient ways:


Local number for our Wilkes-Barre office: 570-829-2700

Extensions for the Wilkes-Barre office:

  • Front Desk: Option 4, Press 3
    • Christopher Kupchik, Executive Director: Option 4, Press 1
    • Jennifer Butters-Doucette, Assistant Director: Option 4, Press 2
    • Vania Barrenechea, Field Testing Coordinator: Option 2, Press 1
    • Caroline Drob, Community Health Worker/Hepatitis C Coordinator: Option 2, Press 2
    • Mitchell Stein, Community Health Worker/Condom Distribution Coordinator: Option 2, Press 3
    • Sharon Whitebread, Manager: Option 3, Press 1
    • Anne Krothe-Wolfe, Communications Coordinator: Option 3, Press 2
    • Melissa Eipper, Manager: Option 1, Press 4
  • Fax: 570-829-2777

Local number for our Bloomsburg office: 570-829-2700

Extensions for the Bloomsburg office:

  • Celeste Straub, Grants and Operations Director: Option 4, Press 4
  • Marissa Paesano, Retention Coordinator: Option 1, Press 1
  • Cindy Rupp, Medical Case Manager: Option 1, Press 2
  •  Jacob Kelley, Community and Client Liason: Option 1, Press 3
  • Jacob Beach, Manager: Clients should contact his cell phone, if needed.

Local number for our Hazleton Case Management office and STD Clinic: 570-454-2700

Extensions for the Hazleton Case Management office and STD Clinic:

  • Front Desk: Ext. 200
    • Sean Doucette, Clinical Services Director: Ext. 202
    • Genesys Castillo, Medical Case Manager: Ext. 203
  • Fax: 570-454-2727

Local number for our Towanda office: (570) 250-1382

  • Jodilyn Coleman, Medical Case Manager: (570) 250-1382

Our offices are open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Mondays through Fridays, excluding federal holidays, but if you’d like to contact us outside of those times, feel free to leave a message, and we will address the issue when we get back to the office, and contact you as soon as possible, if necessary.


Towanda Address: 
1 Elizabeth Street, Suite 8, Towanda, Pennsylvania 18848


Bloomsburg Address:
1000 Market Street, Suite 10, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 18715


Wilkes-Barre Address:
67-69 Public Square, Suite 508, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18701


Hazleton STD Clinic Address:
20 North Laurel Street, Suite 2B, Hazleton, Pennsylvania 18201